Other Services

Our knowledge of Terralift technology has given rise to some innovative extra services which we put at your disposal.

One-Metre Deep Soil Coring – Evidence of Underlying Soil Structure

If you’ve ever wanted to know the exact make-up of your subsoil we can produce evidence of its structure from the surface to one metre down. Our soil coring machine takes a metre sample in minutes and encases it in a clear, plastic tube which protects the layers and allows easy transportation for further analysis. If you suspect your facility has varying subsoil, a variety of one metre core samples taken at different locations can give you an accurate description of your entire underground area. One of our clients transferred the information from his one metre cores unto computer, which gave him a comprehensive subterranean map.

Water Storing Polymers – Combat Drought

Rather than risk drought damage to your trees and turf, why not let us inject water storing polymers along with dried, milled seaweed, as we aerate? These polymer crystals are capable of expanding to 100 times their original size and act as underground reservoirs, storing water during high rainfall or irrigation and releasing it in drought conditions. With hose pipe bans a not too distant memory and water costs rising, water storing polymers could save you money as well as time spent on irrigation. They may even negate the need for an expensive, new irrigation system.

Oil Digesting Bugs
– Simple, Safe Oil Decontamination

Oil spills can contaminate soil at depth. Our oil digesting bugs (bacterial phyla) injected on the spot using dried, milled seaweed as a carrier will literally eat away at the problem until their food supply (ie the oil) has been used up. At this point they die leaving nothing but clean soil. There’s no need to excavate the area or transport contaminated soil to landfill. Our answer is simple and eco-friendly.