Here at Terrain Aeration we’re passionate about trees, whether we’re saving ancient specimens or getting new plantings off to the best, possible start.
The Terralift aeration system was originally designed to relieve compaction around tree roots so we’re confident that we have technology and experience behind us.

Ancient and Mature Trees

If an ancient tree is suffering from stress brought about by compaction of its roots we will send in any of our Airforce Terralift machines (depending on the situation) and work, inserting the probe one metre below the surface and injecting compressed air to create underground fractures and fissures, one metre outside the tree canopy and one metre inside. Dried, milled seaweed will be injected on the final air blast to add nutrients and, as it swells when wet, keep the newly created underground fractures open.

New Plantings

We’re often called on to treat new plantings of relatively large nursery stock. In these cases we aerate in two circles, one, one metre from the root ball and another, three metres from the root ball. This means that a total of 75 sq metres has been treated per tree which should give the roots a good growing chance and also minimalise drainage problems in the immediate vicinity. Depending on the soil type, and the previous use of the land we can easily inject mychorrizal fungi on the final air blast using dried, milled seaweed as a carrier.

Tree Root Exavation

Architects planning buildings near mature trees, (especially those with TPOs), arboricultural consultants, contractors and local authorities could well benefit from our Tree Excavation Service. Calling on our experience with compressed air we have developed Blaster, which safely exposes tree roots in sample areas to determine their depth and overall spread. Working in strips two by one third of a metre, we use Blaster to excavate the soil to a depth of half a metre. The information gained from this process enables our clients to calculate any possible risk to the tree or trees in question.